Saturday, January 11, 2014

Twice in 1 week

So after spending the first day of 2014 feeling crummy and hanging out with my sick little girl... only a few days later I was hit with some weird stomach virus. Not cool immune system. The kicker... I barfed up a meal that I was LOOKING FORWARD to digesting for several days.

Sorry Mahogany... you're officially on my "do not consume" list for a while. Bummer huh? That food was AMAZING going down... not so much coming back up.

BUT... with two illnesses in less than a week... I feel like I've spent the better part of 2014 playing "catch up".

My dining room is covered in a Christmas explosion awaiting boxes and a trip to the attic, my office at work is filled with stacks, my office at home.. stacks.

I'm still praying about what my word, verse, and thought for 2014 are  going to be.. stay tuned for more information about those in a future blog.

Deep breath-- I.Can.Do.This.

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