Monday, June 13, 2011


Any of you that know me... or follow me on facebook know that my poor little family has been in an all out war with sickness for the last two years.
Between my two pregnancies, Anthony's hospital stay (not including birth), his ER visit, my two ER visits, Anthony's two surgeries, and all of the visits to the doctors offices our mailbox seems to be a wonderful reminder of how much of our budget is dedicated to our family's health. Even with the ridiculously high deductibles, I am forever grateful that we have insurance.
**Start rant**
I know so many people that refuse to get insurance for their kids. PLEASE INSURE YOUR CHILDREN!! There are so many illnesses that kids get that you just can't account for. There are so many things that you just don't know are coming. They have week immune systems, and are prone to injury (a two year old will jump off of anything!)
If money is tight and you want to risk your own health fine, but insure your kids. If you live in OK there are plenty of affordable options. If you can afford to eat out, smoke cigarettes, etc. you can afford some sort of insurance for your kids. I can not tell you enough how helpful having insurance has been for my family.
**End rant**
If you want to get insurance, but don't think you can afford it. ASK ME. I can pretty much create a budget out of nothing, and would be happy to help you.
You never know when someone is going to get sick, or what illness they might encounter. Don't risk losing everything over being unprepared!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We're wearing Orange

Today my family is wearing orange. Not as a tribute to my alma mater, but as a tribute to a precious baby that didn't get to celebrate his first birthday.
Stories of parents that suffer this kind of loss break my heart. There are no words to describe the heartache they must be feeling. I just can't imagine.
I know that this is something you CAN NOT prevent, but I am constantly holding my breath praying that God doesn't need one of my sweet angels. I held my little Ainsley longer than usual last night and thanked God for her life. I gave Anthony extra hugs and kisses at bed.
Ainsley was born only a couple of days before Baby Owen. My prayers go out to that family. I simply can not imagine.
To the Bissing Family: I don't know you and we've never met, but my heart goes out to you and your family. I'm praying that you continue to find peace throughout this experience. Owen lives on and has helped carry on life. He was so beautiful and a warrior indeed.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Attitude Adjustment

If having a second child has taught me anything, it is this.
You can do SO much more than you ever thought. Although I have always wanted more than one child I had a panic attack about a month before Ainsley was born. HOW am I going to be able to love her as much as I do Anthony. HOW can I bond with her. HOW can I change two sets of diapers (we are STILL potty training Anthony), how can I afford for 2 kids to go to daycare, how and when am I going to take a shower, brush my hair, cook nutritious meals, go to school? After almost 7 months of living with those questions I have a simple answer: You just do.
It's so easy to fall into the mindset of "woe is me" and "life is too hard". It has really taken me a change in perspective to overcome this way of thinking, and I remember the exact moment it happend. It was one of the first Saturdays that I had the kids all by myself after Ainsley was born, right before Anthony's 2nd birthday. Both babies were being fussy, not sleeping, Anthony was having a HARD time with the idea of mommy not being able to just pick him up when he demanded it, and things were out.of.control! So much so that I just sat in the floor and cried. THEN, it hit me. Get up... this is NOT hard. Just take a breath, and do it. I regained composure put little Miss in her swing, got Anthony settled, and took a breath.
Ever since that meltdown and serious attitude adjustment things have been easier. Things are by no means easy, but they are easier. For starters, I have the most amazing baby ever. She never gets fussy anymore, she sleeps fantastic, and she lets me put her down. Anthony is beyond amazing too. He is so kind and gentle with his sister it brings tears to my eyes. He always tries to make her laugh, or if she's touching too rough he grabs her calmly and shows her how to "touch soft" on his arm. The jealousy and meanness between them never really existed, and I am so thankful for that.
I really do joke that life go easier with 2 babies than it was with 1. I think just relaxing helped out with that. I have great kids, an amazing husband who helps, a daycare that I could not be more proud of, a job that helps keep things rolling (for now), and great family to help out when things really do get overwhelming.
So let this be a word of encouragment to those who are struggling with a second child, or the idea of having a second child. It isn't that bad, and I have had SO many more good moments than bad. It really is amazing what you can accomplish that you never thought you could.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ok. I'm behind

Really really behind. My last post consisted of me throwing up on Anthony during a morning sickness fit. Now... almost a year later things have changed dramatically.
Ainsley Elizabeth was born in November. I never invisioned my life as a mother to a little girl. I always thought i'd have a house FULL of loud crazy boys. I am so happy that God had other plans for my family. Ainsley is amazing!! I could not have been more blessed, and I am so excited to raise that sweet little girl alongside my sweet little boy.
The hubs is still traveling a lot, but the kids and I have fallen into a pretty good routine. I took my full maternity leave with Ainsley (not just the 2 weeks like I did with Anthony) and it gave me a chance to get settled into a routine of cleaning, bathing, organizing, etc. It's funny to think that things run more smoothly with two kids than they did with one. Ha!
I am going to "TRY" and blog more.. and FB less. That is my goal for myself over the next several months. It's easier for me to put it all out there... than to just throw out life updates one line at a time. Or.. so it seems. We'll see how that works.