Monday, November 10, 2014

To the High school teacher...

In high school I had a lot of great teachers. So many who taught me history, math, english.. all while I groaned about this "learning" thing.

There is one teacher that so bravely taught me an amazing lesson...

During finals (or midterms.. whatever they are called back then) the class was coming to a close and this teacher got up and began telling us our goodbye's before the Christmas break. At first, I thought he was just going to say have fun, be safe, Merry Christmas... But he did SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. This man, this teacher got up in front of the class and began sharing a testimony of his faith. I was already a believer in Christ at that point, but his words were so sincere so incredibly well spoken that they stuck with me. He risked a job in a public school system to share his Faith in Christ with a bunch of rowdy teen-age kids and I admired that more than he will ever know.

I have no idea where this teacher is now, or what he is doing, but I hope someday to let him know the impact he made on my life through that one day.

I am thankful today that he was my teacher, and I got to experience some of his kindness. 


It's November... I've noticed a trend on Facebook. During the month of November people tend to post something that they are thankful for everyday. I love this, and have participated in it in the past. I feel though, that a lot of people tend to put "family, spouse, children, etc".. Of COURSE.. those are wonderful things to be thankful for.

For me this year, I felt a twinge to re-direct my "Thankful list"... I felt like I needed to dig deeper. I feel called to recall past persons/events that I am thankful for.

There are teachers, friends from the past, that I feel shaped who I am today. There are moments in my life that have been impacted because of these relationships. Many people come into our lives, or fade away because of time or busy schedules, but the feelings you had around them, the impact they made, doesn't quickly fade. So I think I'll start there.

I won't be doing a blog everyday (as it's the 10th of the month and I haven't even done 1) but I want to do a few to help recall how the past came come forward with us.