Friday, May 20, 2011

Ok. I'm behind

Really really behind. My last post consisted of me throwing up on Anthony during a morning sickness fit. Now... almost a year later things have changed dramatically.
Ainsley Elizabeth was born in November. I never invisioned my life as a mother to a little girl. I always thought i'd have a house FULL of loud crazy boys. I am so happy that God had other plans for my family. Ainsley is amazing!! I could not have been more blessed, and I am so excited to raise that sweet little girl alongside my sweet little boy.
The hubs is still traveling a lot, but the kids and I have fallen into a pretty good routine. I took my full maternity leave with Ainsley (not just the 2 weeks like I did with Anthony) and it gave me a chance to get settled into a routine of cleaning, bathing, organizing, etc. It's funny to think that things run more smoothly with two kids than they did with one. Ha!
I am going to "TRY" and blog more.. and FB less. That is my goal for myself over the next several months. It's easier for me to put it all out there... than to just throw out life updates one line at a time. Or.. so it seems. We'll see how that works.

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  1. Blog more, facebook less! It is so much more theraputic. I want to have this goal too. :) I'm happy I read this. We want to have another baby soon. But sometimes I think that I can't possibly handle 2, and still work-- But there is hope!!!!!!