Friday, July 23, 2010

Well that's just wonderful

I'm terrible at blogging. I constantly remember all sorts of fun exciting things I want to share with the world.. and the second I sit down at my computer.. my mind is blank.. or I play on Facebook, go shopping etc and forget that the blog world exists. I want to be a better blogger. I think it's healthy. I really don't care who reads this thing... I haven't even really given the address out to people. I like the idea of computer diary thoughts that MIGHT be seen by someone else and MIGHT mean something to them too. I dunno. I've had lots of ideas about what I'd like to start blogging about.

I recently discovered a book (that I am ordering soon) that discusses girlfriends and how you need GOOD ones and how to ditch the bad ones. I'm very excited to read this book, and I thought it might be fun to share my HORRIBLE girlfriend stories with you... as well as some of my very own meangirl moments in life too. I am definately not perfect, and I have as bad moments on my side as I have mean girls of my own to share. (No... I won't use names... BUT... you might know me well enough to know some of them)

Pregnancy is wearing me out. I thought the 24/7 sickness that came with my first pregnancy was rough. It really really was. This time is a totally different level of difficult. I was only sick (knock on wood) for the first 16ish weeks of my pregnancy this time consistently... and have only had a few episodes since that marker, BUT... chasing around a 1 year old with a watermellon tucked into my shirt is no easy task in this heat either. I guess you take the good with the bad... and in the end.. it's ALL good.

Anyway. I'll expand more on this stuff later... I just wanted to let the world.. and myself know that I'm still here.

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