Monday, June 13, 2011


Any of you that know me... or follow me on facebook know that my poor little family has been in an all out war with sickness for the last two years.
Between my two pregnancies, Anthony's hospital stay (not including birth), his ER visit, my two ER visits, Anthony's two surgeries, and all of the visits to the doctors offices our mailbox seems to be a wonderful reminder of how much of our budget is dedicated to our family's health. Even with the ridiculously high deductibles, I am forever grateful that we have insurance.
**Start rant**
I know so many people that refuse to get insurance for their kids. PLEASE INSURE YOUR CHILDREN!! There are so many illnesses that kids get that you just can't account for. There are so many things that you just don't know are coming. They have week immune systems, and are prone to injury (a two year old will jump off of anything!)
If money is tight and you want to risk your own health fine, but insure your kids. If you live in OK there are plenty of affordable options. If you can afford to eat out, smoke cigarettes, etc. you can afford some sort of insurance for your kids. I can not tell you enough how helpful having insurance has been for my family.
**End rant**
If you want to get insurance, but don't think you can afford it. ASK ME. I can pretty much create a budget out of nothing, and would be happy to help you.
You never know when someone is going to get sick, or what illness they might encounter. Don't risk losing everything over being unprepared!!

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