Friday, June 11, 2010


So a friend of mine... well.. yea... I guess friend made a kind of snarky comment to me the other day regarding the new vehicle I purchased for my husband. The comment more or less insinuated that I was a hypocrite.

I do often preach/judge people for being irresponsible with their money. I believe that if you have excessive debt you PROBABLY shouldn't eat out all the time, go to expensive concerts, have new cars, and most importantly.. do all of these things while whining to your friends about how poor you are. Yep. That's me. I think people should be responsible with their money. Sue me.

First of all, this comment ticked me off and caught me VERY much off guard. First of all, my husband and I work VERY hard for our cash and we have no debt to speak of besides the house and a the cars. Second... there were reasons that this truck purchase (although quite extreme) were actually going to HELP our family fiscally. In case any of YOU care to judge too.. I'll explain our purchase. My husband recently got a "promotion" to a different area of work. For this type of work he can either.. drive his own truck, or drive one of the company trucks. For the last month he's driven a company truck. There are certain reimbursements that come with driving your own truck. 1) You can charge $50/day for the use of the truck 2) Mileage 3) Mobile Office $25/day

Let's do some math. Even without points 2 and 3 he is able to charge for the use of the truck. Assuming he works a 5 day workweek he more than makes his truck payment with this reimbursement... not to mention the other items involved. So.... although the truck is more expensive and will COST us more a month... it will MAKE us more a month as well and we'll be able to apply MORE money to our debt in the long run.

So yes. We made a ridiculously expensive purchase, only to be able to make money back on it and save more for our future. Thanks for judging... there's my explanation. Jeesh people.

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