Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Ab and I have been on quite a few trips in our short time together, but usually they are quick jumps to a nearby city for a baseball game or some time with friends etc. THIS year... we decided to plan big. His parents invited us to go with them to Mexico for 10 days. We were planning a trip to SC last October, but that didn't pan out and this seemed like a great trip. 1) I've never been out of the country 2) I've never been to the beach (Except for the frozen beach we saw in San Francisco on our honeymoon). This was the perfect excuse to get away. The last year has been exhausting on us. With a new baby in our lives, Ab's hectic travel schedule, and ALLLL of the trips to the doctor, and finding out we were expecting again... we were pumped to go relax and think about NOTHING for a few days.

The idea of leaving Anthony for that long freaked me out. I even tried to change our travel plans to come home sooner, but couldn't manage it. I've never spent more than a couple of nights away from him, and I was TERRIFIED he'd be missing me as much as I missed him. I think deep down though.. I was afraid he wouldn't miss me at all. No mom wants to feel like she isn't needed.

The truth is.. the trip was great. I had a wonderful time. I read a TON of books (well 6), and got a decent base tan. Ab and I went on a date or two, and we had some great time with family. I can see why his family spends so much time down there. I look forward to going back someday.
He had a great time, he did miss his mommy and daddy, but he had a great time with Grandma and PaPa.

I recommend that any couple with a small child, take some time for yourselves, be adults for a while, and have a relaxing dinner or two without a child beaning you with a hot dog :)

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