Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Official 1 Year Stats

We had Anthony's official 1 year check-up with the doctor last week. I was fully expecting to be BLOWN away with his progress, but... we haven't grown as much as mommy thought we had. His official stats were:

Height: 31.5 inches (still off the charts, but he's only grown half an inch since SEPT!!)
Weight: 25 lbs 10 oz. (this was actually down from his appt in Nov, so.... I dunno)

His head was in the 85th percentile so I guess that's normal since he's up in height and weight :)

He's now wearing 12-18 month clothes in pants, 2T in shirts, and size 5 in shoes.
He has 4 beautiful white shiny teeth.

Some of his favorites:

Food- Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, diced peaches
Toys- Drums, xylophone, Elmo, his walker
Words- Dada, Baba, Dandit (Bandit), Yea (With HUGE head nods), No (also with HUGE head nods)
People- Daddy is by far his favorite person. He runs to the door to great him when he gets home with huge hugs. Papa is also one of his favorite people. He will hold on to Pa and cry when you try and separate them. Pretty sweet.
Helpful task- He LOVES to walk his diaper to the trashcan and throw it away. I love watching how excited he gets to complete this task. Such a big helper.
No-no's- Getting into the cabinet under the sink (we keep all of our cleaning supplies there and haven't go the latches put on so he likes to see how fast he can get to it to pull stuff out... don't worry, he never gets anything) He also LOVES to spill his bottle or sippy cup on everything. He figured out pretty quick how to turn over his bottle and bend the nipple so milk, water, and juice would spill out. He makes a fun game of this with us.
Activity-The cupid shuffle. He has a toy that sings and he does the "dance" along with the toy when it's playing. I could watch that alllll day.

I'd like to say that his one year appointment was uneventful other than his stats, but it wasn't. We spent over 3 hours in the office trying to get Anthony's oxygen levels to come up above mid 80's, and were then sent to the hospital for the night. (A seperate blog)

Besides all of the fun health problems and our first TERRIBLE pediatrician...Overall this has been a pretty fun year. I love watching how big he is getting and how much he is learning.

Pictures are coming soon I promise.

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